July 4, 2013: Bonfires, Dollar Store Sparklers,and Bawlmore..

Bonfire by Reistertown

July 4th this year was spectacular. Food, friends, and great memories formed this weekend. Although July 4th started on a Thursday, there were enough festivities to round out the weekend.

July 4th in Rockville, MD
July 4th in Rockville, MD

My good friend Kamila, who was the first person I interviewed for http://www.SherrynDaniel.com, hosted an intimate July 4th party at her home in Rockville, MD.  Kamila cooked everything from scratch, and this includes succulent chicken curry, seasoned rice and this luscious red, white and blue cake.

Patriotic n'tasty cake made by Kamila
Patriotic n’tasty cake made by Kamila

My bf and I wanted to be awesome guests so we bought dollar store sparklers and freshly made potato salad. I’m not sure if everyone liked the potato salad but the kiddie fireworks were used up in under 30 minutes. After party-goers had a field day, half the party went to Rockville Towncenter to see real fireworks.

The rest of us walked a block from the backyard and saw the fireworks make an indelible impression on the night sky. Bursts of red, splashes of gold and a smidgeon of green criss-crossed the black sky. It was a lovely sight for some of us who didn’t feel like leaving the party for 5 minutes of eye-candy.

bonfire edit

July 5th was an extension of more good times since my bf and I went to a cute bonfire centered in the Baltimore suburbs. We brought peach pie to a packed group of easy going guys and gals. I had a great time playing horse shoe (with real horse shoes), playing with a baby snake (I didn’t chicken out of that), playing corn hole and making s’mores.

These types of cars are common in Fells Point, MD
These types of cars are common in Fells Point, MD

After awhile I was getting hungry so bf and I dipped out. We wanted to eat something unique but within Baltimore’s parameters. By performing an exhaustive Google search, we were able to pinpoint a hot brunch spot: Blue Moon Cafe, which was featured in Diners, Drive-ins and Dives.

Captain Crunch French Toast. Super yummy!
Captain Crunch French Toast. Super yummy!

The most famous dish from the restaurant  was the Captain Crunch French Toast and it exceeded my expectations. The french toast was crunchy, sweet and palatable. I wish I had a larger appetite for more but, alas, I’m too petite to ask for a second serving.

Saturday and Sunday was fun too. I simply relaxed, collected my thoughts and ventured into Hampden, the hipster capital of Baltimore, MD. Hampden had some quirky n’ cute shops but I was totally impressed with the ambience. It’s like Portlandia is only an hour away.

In one of Hampden’s antique shops, I found  History of France books  published from 1812 to 1814, rare Victorian family photos, broaches and a chess set from Austria-Hungary.  I didn’t even have to pay a $14.00 admission fee for this experience. Only in Bawlmore!

Introspective Thoughts of the Week

  • Sherryn Daniel’s blog hit a new milestone this weekend. Three-hundred thousand visitor hits, to be precise. I will have a rooftop blog party in August. E-mail me at Sherryndaniel@gmail.com if you want to attend.
  • Did anyone listen to Yeezus by Kanye West? After I listened to the entire album, I can safely assume that  Kanye is an angry soul. Kim Kardashian definitely ruined him for the rest of us.
  • Daniela: Best Italian restaurant in Hampden Hon!
  • Bottle Rocket, starring Luke and Owen Wilson, is a nonlinear crime film full of short-sighted dialogue and stunted character portrayals of upper-middle class Gen-Xers.
  • Looza makes some amazing banana juice. Go to the Lotte Plaza in Catonsville to check it out.

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