The Buhkara Restaurant in Rockville: Stellar Food, Service and Reverie

Everyone loves Buhkara Restaurant in Rockville
Everyone loves Buhkara Restaurant in Rockville

For the past two weekends, I’ve been eating at Buhkara restaurant located in Rockville, MD.  Since I live in the DMV, I know there’s a legion of Indian restaurants I can eat at but i’ve been craving Buhkara every weekend. Not only do I ardently love this place but I want all of my friends to eat here too.

Only here can you immerse yourself into a Royal Indian milieu with decorous pictures, a scintillating chandelier and bold colors.  The service is impeccable since food is served promptly with a smile. My friends loved the garlic naan, shish kebabs, butter chicken curries and the mango lassi. It was beyond divine!

As a specialist in the gourmet food industry, I tend to be super picky with what I eat. I’m especially picky with Indian food since I have been eating those delicious curries since birth. My tongue can discern between authentic and fake-me-out dishes. Buhkara is authentic North Indian cuisine.

My friends are hardcore foodies too and even they attested that Buhkara is peerless to many Indian restaurants in the DMV area. Before I dined their, I was worried that Buhkara would be annoyed that I invited a large group of friends–off the cuff– but the waiters there were amiable, sanguine and exemplary.

I highly recommend this restaurant if you want to eat authentic Indian dishes with good friends or family. You will only get the best at Buhkara Restaurant in Rockville, MD.


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