North and South (BBC) Marathon, Virginia BBQ, and a Pet Rat

Ribs from Logan Roadhouse in Manasses, VA
Ribs from Logan Roadhouse in Manasses, VA

This is a random question but are any of you harcore fans of Aziz Ansari? If so, then you must know that he’s a staunch foodie. Whenever Aziz is on tour, he forages for unique burger, bbq and food joints. Analagous to Aziz and his foodie ways, I also like to unearth AMAZING restaurants.

African Children's Choir in Manasses VA
African Children’s Choir in Manasses VA

With that said, after my best friend and I saw the African Children’s Choir perform in Manasses, VA, we trekked on over to Logan’s Roadhouse for finger licking ribs,scrumptious sides, and a memorable time.

It was her birthday, after all, and I wanted everything to be perfect.  So I bought her a turtle brownie cake from the Amish market in Laurel,  fresh yellow roses (yellow roses are for happiness and friendship) and useful presents.

Besties b-day at Logan Roadhouse in Manasses VA
Besties b-day at Logan Roadhouse in Manasses, VA

In addition, my bestie had to blow out her candles twice since her son wanted to participate the second time around. It was cute watching the scene unfold. Given what happened, the staff at Logan Roadhouse in Manasses, Va was hospitable, warm and kind. Not only did they happily lit each candle twice but the delectable ribs that they served us was unbelievably moist, tangy and smooth.  We can collectively attest that the  south knows how to make good BBQ!

North and South (BBC) beats Pride and Prejudice at its own game. Check it out!

Speaking of the South, my good friend Jill and I had a North and South BBC Marathon at her place the day after.  We’re also not ashamed with our fanaticism over this show. Between the  both of us watching this mini series thrice over, reading the book and knowing the dialogue intimately—it’s another way for us to bond.

Furthermore, even with an explanation, I’m sure many of you are asking yourselves: Why the marathon? Well, there’s just something singular about Elizabeth Gaskell’s tale of social classes, love, and the working poor. Plus the overall vibe imbued from the miniseries and the book brooks an ardent connection to unrequited couples who may exude confidence to the outside world but who also harbor profound insecurities.

A non-threatening rat!
A non-threatening rat!

Before we started our BBC- binge, I was fearful of Jill’s  pet rat. It reminded me of this rat I accidentally ran over on Christmas morning.  Right after I ran it over with my Honda Accord, the charcoal colored rat spun  uncontrollably into a perfect circle. Streaks of blood  ravaged its midsection. As soon as it gasped its last breath, it restfully perched in an oblong fashion near the lawn.  Its eyes were half-open, mouth was agape, and snow was starting to blanket its lukewarm body. In addendum to the rhetorical imagery,  I also  have pictures but I won’t post it. People tend to be squeamish over half-dying rat pictures.

In contrast, Jill’s rat is non-threatening since she bought it from a pet store and, moreover, it also likes human beings. I also doubt my first roadkill likes humans since he tried to run away from my car not so long ago.  Humorously enough, the pet rat is not a feline-size rodent straight out of the streets of Charm City, mind you, but a pet rat with the countenance of a timid old man. I highly doubt any car would end its life in the far and distant future.

Payassum and glab jammon from Saphire Indian/Thai restaurant in Laurel
Payassum and glab jamon from Saphire Indian/Thai restaurant in Laurel

After my Friday night expired, I had to catch up on work the following day. It sucked that I had to miss out on  indoor car racing but I had to get stuff done.  Even though I missed out on a racing adventure, I wanted to reward  myself and to my friend for always being amazing. So  I decided to treat my good friend Rachel and I to Indian desserts at Saphire Indian/Thai restaurant in Laurel, MD.  Rachel never had gulab jamon, payassum, or mango lassi before. She had an agog expression before gorging on each dish. After Rachel sampled each dish, she clearly had a propensity towards the gulab jamon. She enjoyed the doughnut texture, rich syrupy taste and the overall caramel coloring.

I, of course, ogled the mango lassi since that’s my baby and imbibed that potent drink seamlessly.

In between watching North and South and eating Indian desserts, Jill and Rachel helped me review unique products from this Summer’s Fancy Food Show this year.  Besides the fact that both women have an extensive venturing into variegated dishes and  they also have an eye for detail. Subsequently, we performed an artless review on chocolates, fruit bars, teas and spreads for your viewing pleasure. Before August ends, you will get a mouth-watering report. Until then, be patient young cicada.

Introspective Thoughts of the Week

  • Kevin Hart is a hilarious little man. Did any of you watch Kevin Hart’s: I’m a Grown Little Man? If you haven’t, you are sorely missing out on the best hour of your week.
  •  I wonder why the city of Baltimore has rats the size of Garfield the cat? I can assume that eschewing maintenance on abandoned homes could be the reason?  It’s a fact that droves of rats breed, mingle and multiply in  barred up homes. Discarded trash is bountiful, at best, in the mean streets of Baltimore. Maybe if the city  took better  care of their trash situation, than their rat situation would cease. It’s just food for thought..
  • Need to improve your focus during the day? Eat some flax seed. If you like oatmeal then sprinkle some  in before you start your day. If you are into foodie trends, then also consider adding in chia seeds. It’s way more trendier than Flax seeds but I am unsure if it has more Omega 3 though? You may need to perform research before buying chia or flax seeds.
  • If you ever need a good laugh,  please check out Himanshu Suri (lead singer of Das Racist) blog. In like fashion, If you want to cry tears of joy, then follow him on Twitter here.

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