Elkridge Furnance Inn: Historic Location, Sanguine Service

An almond tort from Furnace Inn (Elkridge, MD)
An almond tart from  Elkridge Furnace Inn

Baltimore restaurant week went without a savory hitch.  It was August 4th and I wanted to take advantage of this stellar deal that comes but twice a year.  Elkridge Furnace Inn, which has been around since 1744, had this deal where you can purchase one entree and two appetizers for $30.00.

Bloody Mary rimmed with Old Bay spice.
Bloody Mary rimmed with Old Bay spice.

Naturally, I wanted to go there since the Inn was ripe with history and fraught with exemplary reviews. This is the kind of restaurant you go to when you want to impress your special someone or to snag a business deal from a highly sought after client.  It was a shame that I wasn’t dressed for the part since eating here was an impromptu decision shared between my bf and I.

Chicken, Beef and mystery sausage platter.
Chicken, Beef and mystery sausage platter.

I wore a faded green t-shirt, black pants and a black power ranger jacket from Hot Topic. The wait staff didn’t seem to care since bf and I were treated with the utmost respect possible.  This crotchety old woman with shaggy white hair, large pearls, and a beige trench coat oggled me for my lack of decorum but I gave her an artless simper.

Service was laudable, food was commendable, and the interior was memorable. Victorian wallpaper etched the interior, candles lit brightly across the room, and oil paintings immersed us well into the 1700’s.

I ordered a Bloody Mary, Tomato Pastry, Soup Du Jour, and a Sausage Sampler. The bloody mary tasted better sans a straw. I ardently love the fact that old bay was rimmed along the edge since it enhanced the savory factor. The tomato pastry had a robust taste due to the way the tomato was charred and the way the goat cheese was cooked. While the soup du jour had a slight picante taste amid the tomato-y texture, and the sausage sampler was decent. I wasn’t a fan of two of the sausages since they left a moldy after taste.

Nevertheless, the dessert was divine. The almond tart was entrenched with a sweet yet nutty bite. I highly recommend it for anyone who is dessert picky.

Overall, this was a nice restaurant but the service is peerless to many food spots in the Elkridge region.

Introspective Thoughts of the Week

  • Simon Daniel, creator of Simon Says..Watch This, has an AMAZING movie review blog! If it wasn’t for his website, I never would have watched ABC’s Twisted or other films that are in theaters. If you ever need to know what to watch, or what to stay away from, check his website out here.
  • I canned peaches, from scratch and for under $20.00, last night. Before embarking on this adventure, I assumed this would be really hard to do since I didn’t but an exorbitant canning kit from Ace Hardware. But it was easy to do. I canned 3 jars seamlessly.  The peaches tasted great and that makes me hopeful that I can can blueberries, strawberries and apples successfully, in the near future.
  • Going to see Smash Mouth, Vertical Horizon, Sugar Ray, and Gin Blossom tonight. The 90’s are definitely making a comeback this year since the recession is eating away at these washed-up bands hard earned savings.
  • New finds at H-Mart: Banana Milk, Mangosteen flavored Kasugai gummy treats, and Milky chews.
  • Richard Armitage is speculated to be the new Batman in the new Zack Snyder film. Why is it that every British actor I ever fancy becomes Batman? This is too much of a coincidence for me.
  • Excited about seeing the ghost of ODB this fall! Got my tickets to Rock The Bells this year!

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