Victoria Gastro Pub: Refined English Brunch for a Discernable Palate

An English Trifle, picture taken at Victoria Gastro Pub in Columbia.
An English Trifle, picture taken at Victoria Gastro Pub in Columbia.

It’s hard to find a quality English pub in the DMV. To some, Union Jacks is the cat’s meow but to me it’s the cat’s forgotten chew toy.  Luckily for me, there is Victoria Gastro Pub located in Columbia, MD.

Traditional English Breakfast at Victoria Gastro Pub!
Traditional English Breakfast picture taken at Victoria Gastro Pub!

For a lazy Sunday, the place was packed. I can see why since their traditional English breakfast was divine. Delicious bacon, scrumptious beans and heavenly sunny side up eggs were the creme de la creme of my day. Service was prompt with a sincere smile, the milieu easily thrusts customers into England circa 1960 due to colorful paintings, quaint furniture and amazing dishes, and the location is conveniently placed in Columbia, Md.  Meaning, you don’t need to expend much gas to get there.

By the way, the trifle was a tart yet creamy dream. Layers of jam, custard and heavy cream tantalized my taste buds and made me crave more. How could something so simple taste so sinful?

If you want great English beer, a memorable brunch experience and something to do during the week day (they have nightly events), come to Victoria Gastro Pub. You will not regret this decision.

Baltimore Farmers Market under the bridge
Baltimore Farmers Market under the bridge

If you live in the DMV and say you are a foodie, you cannot forget to hit your local farmer’s market for fresh veggies, BBQ, and singular culinary delights.  I’ve had a slew of friends and acquaintances recommend that I visit Baltimore’s Farmer’s Market located under the route 83 bridge. I bit the bullet and traipsed along the underside of this lofty yet circuitous bridge, in search for something unique to snack on.

My search was a success since I found iced Moroccan mint tea, mint honey sticks, and goat cheese.  Out of every food stand there, the BBQ pit beef stand had the longest line, well–second to Zeke’s coffee, named number one coffee by Baltimore City Paper! Baltimore is known for Pit Beef but I didn’t know that Zeke’s coffee was a huge trend. Maybe I was hiding under a bridge all this time?

Random but Mr. Bean memes are stupidly hilarious!
Random but Mr. Bean memes are stupidly hilarious!

I know I gave Victoria Gastro Pub and the Baltimore Farmer’s Market a glowing review but I do want to semi-conclude this entry with a snark review aimed at Legal Seafood, located in the heart of Chinatown, D.C.

Legal Seafood had a gimmicky deal for cheap oysters!
Legal Seafood had a gimmicky deal for cheap oysters!

I was meeting my friend Andrew N in Chinatown Friday night so we could finalize details over my 300K blog party this Saturday (If you want to attend e-mail me at so I can disclose the location for this FREE event). What caught my eye was a sign for .87 cent oysters and that, alone, made me convince Andrew to come eat at Legal Seafood that night.

Since I already had dinner, I figured I could have a light yet affordable snack. Andrew was surprised that I would even eat a raw oyster. I was nonplussed with his inquisitive demeanor over my slight love affair for oysters. Why was he so surprised? He did introduce them to me, two years ago, at my first blog party!

“Sherryn, you are brave! So you like to eat living creatures, huh?” asked Andrew N nonchalantly.

My mouth was agape and eyes  agog over his candor. All this time, I thought oysters were served—dead? Apparently, good oysters are served alive and bad ones are served dead.

I gave him a simper and replied, “The rawer the better, you know I am a carnivore.”

From then on, we jettisoned talks of a memorable blog party and gabbed about Fogo De Chao being the holy grail of good meat.

When it comes to the oysters, the meat was lacking and it didn’t slide down my throat easily. I had to maneuver a cocktail fork, repetitively, to unhook the meaty substance from it’s rocky dwelling. The spicy red and fish sauce made the oysters taste agreeable but I expected more from Legal Seafood. I expected bigger oysters that didn’t need any extra prodding. Legal Seafood disappointed me that day.

In addendum to oysters, Andrew ordered this catfish dish that was a palliative for his hunger pangs. It was decent but not spectacular in my opinion.  I guess eating lackluster oysters and humdrum catfish was the nadir to my spectacular weekend! Hopefully next weekend will change everything around.

Introspective Thoughts of the Week

  • Rest in Peace Lee Thompson Young! When I was itty bitty, I used to watch The Famous Jett Jackson and thought Young was uber cool in that role. He was so young and so talented!
  • Unique Thriftstore in Rockville sells quality books for pennies on the dollar. For only $10.00 I bought six books ranging from philosophical, cultural and business.  Freakonomics, Love in the Time of Cholera, Interpreter of Maladies and Notes from the Underground are just a few books I found at this exemplary hut for all things cheap and wonderful!
  • If you are a fan of my mis-adventures in cooking, tune into We, The Eaters for my article on canning peaches in September! By then I will post my top three investigative articles on what NOT to do in the kitchen unto Sherryn Daniel’s Blog—for your viewing pleasure.
  • Mariah Carey has nothing on Toni Braxton. Carey wishes she had Braxton’s vocal range and talent. Maybe that’s why she hooked up with Nick Cannon?
  •  Going to see Subject to Change perform at Velvet Lounge this Sunday! It’s the best new indie act to make an impression in the DMV! Support this great band and see them belt new tunes amidst a roaring crowd of de facto music experts.
  • 300K Blog Party: A Real Sausage-fest? I’m holding a roof top party in Chinatown for friends and fans of this website. My friend Brent joked that since there’s a lot of guys in our group that we should have a REAL SAUSAGE-FEST. Everyone brings in either polish, kielbasa or brautwurst sausages and they get to pair them with fine ales.  Wonderful idea!  It’s so wonderful that I stole it? Oops? Not only is this a sausage-fest but we will also introduce unique fruits, drinks, and candies from H-Mart; have a dance competition, perform terrible karaoke; and lounge around with good company. Who would pass that up? Interested in coming? E-mail me at: if you want to RSVP to this FREE event.

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