Quail Bell Magazine Featured Some of My Articles

quail bell mag

August was a great time for me to venture into Virginia. Not only did I see the African Children’s Choir sing but I also witnessed an amazing concert by Gin Blossom at Wolf Trap. These experiences were so rich that I wrote up multiple articles detailing my thoughts, feelings and viewpoints on this website.

Quail Bell Magazine, an online and print Virginia magazine, wanted to use those articles for their website. I definitely felt honored since this reputable magazine only publishes singular works of art, prose, and poetry.

If you want to reread my Gin Blossom’s piece click here.

If you want to learn more about the African Children’s Choir click here.

Future Highlights

  • Acclaimed Movie reviewer, Simon Daniel, will write a guest post for Sherryn Daniel’s blog on top South Asian American Movies in the coming weeks.
  • Will post pictures in late Fall from my model shoot with Nanny Magazine‘s Valentines Day issue.
  • We, The Eater’s will post my article on Canning Peaches—I botched that recipe up with pizzazz.
  • Comedian Robert L. Hines (Youtube celebrity, Toby Jones,)  funniest pictures from the inter-webs.
  • In-Depth review on Founding Farmers, hippest brunch place in the Washington D.C area.

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