Canning on a Shoestring Budget: Featured on We, The Eaters

courtesy of Liz West, "Muffet" from Flickr.
courtesy of Liz West, “Muffet” from Flickr.

As a novice in the kitchen, my cooking exploits are oft-times featured on We, The Eater’s website.  My boyfriend and I canned peaches, unsuccessfully, a few months ago, and hope that many of you won’t make the same mistakes we did. Aside from the excerpt featured here, read the rest of the article  from We, The Eater’s website here.

If you’re hyper-vigilant about what you eat, you know that making food at home is one of the the healthiest steps you can take. Not only do you know exactly what you’re eating, but you can shave a few bucks off your food budget.

Since a lot of store-bought canned fruits are packed with preservatives, corn syrup and other miscellaneous chemicals, my boyfriend and I just embarked on canning fresh peaches for the first time. We were both nervous, since the only real “kitchen” stuff we’ve done together is watching Hell’s Kitchen with Gordon Ramsey on the Food Channel. (Oh — and then there was that little chicken mishap …)

Nonetheless, we were ready to cut fruit, heat jars and streamline this peach canning process by unearthing budget-worthy canning tips online. Based on an exhaustive Google search, we found our inspiration in this article — Water Bath Canning With No Equipment — from Penniless Parenting and another from Pick Your Own’s website. By combining tips from both, we hoped to can peaches on a $30 budget.

Read the rest here.

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