Rice Paddies Grill: A Gemstone in Bethesda


It’s easy to get Pho in the DMV. Every single street, I swear, has a Pho 57, 127, or 96-whatever. Though it is easy to get pho, it’s hard to get quality pho, nonetheless, high-end Vietnamese food at an affordable rate.

Last weekend, I had a girls night in Bethesda with my friends Nisha and Vanessa. We traipsed the area in search of a delicious hole in the wall local. We didn’t want to eat at a chain or even at a well known establishment since we wanted to look for a singular food experience.

After twenty minutes of walking we found Rice Paddies Grill from the outskirts of the hustle and bustle of Bethesda. As soon as we arrived, we were promptly greeted, seated, and served. Service was quick and the food was incomparable to other Vietnamese restaurants i’ve been to.  I had a wonderful beef pho experience at Rice Paddies Grill. The onions, meat and mint was fresh. The broth had texture and a light essence that could only denote that was made from scratch.

The restaurants ambiance easily transports customers to ancient Vietnam due to the backdrop, e.g, music, paintings, and colors.  Nisha ordered a grill chicken dish and Vanessa ordered a yellow curry. Both girls loved what they got and promulgated that they will come back again, and so will I.

Max Brenner's has spicy hot chocolate
Max Brenner’s has spicy hot Mexican chocolate

Afterwards, we wanted to get a chocolate fix so we visited Max Brenner’s chocolate cafe down the street.  The hype behind Max Brenner’s is that eating chocolate should be an experience and not just a chore. Chocolate is ripe with history, emotion and nostalgia–why not immerse yourself in it?

Max Brenner’s had chocolate syringes, pizzas and unique contraptions peerless to other chocolate stores. I can see why it’s a hotspot in the area and can attest that the 20 minute wait was worthwhile.

Delicious crepes found in Bethesda! Visit her!
Delicious crepes found in Bethesda! Visit her!

Though we all appeased our sweet tooth, we wanted to check out Rita’s Crepes for her nightly selections. She had an uber long line (since everyone knows she makes the BEST CREPES) so we decided to go to a complimentary wine tasting at Cork & Fork.

Vanessa loves Moriba's lemon grass tea and Nisha loves Grashoff Belgian chocolate
Vanessa loves Moriba’s lemon grass tea and Nisha loves Grashoff Belgian chocolate

Cork& Fork has free wine tastings every Friday and Saturday! Lucky for us, we were able to sample a French Rose’ and a West African red wine concoction was that tasted divine.  At the corner of our eyes, we found Grashoff’s Belgian chocolate and Moriba’s lemon grass tea.

Vanessa loves to drink Moriba’s lemon grass tea, whenever she needs to relax after a busy day and Nisha loves to gorge herself on Grashoff’s Brazilian Chili chocolate after she teaches her students. I, naturally, love both products and am glad my good friends know what quality food tastes like.

Our jaunt down Rice Paddies Grill, Max Brenner’s Chocolate Cafe, Rita’s Crepes and Cork & Fork was quite memorable and we hope to go back to those places, again, in the near future.

Introspective Thoughts of the Week

  • I’m 2/3 done with Freakonomics and can attest that this is a unique book to read. Whatever misconceptions you had about general life matters are easily dispelled once you plow through this book.
  • I love quirky indie films! Better than mainstream  $10.00 blah that comes out on theaters. I recently watched In a day, which is this comedy drama about an average woman being lavished with good food and attention from a complete stranger, and can conclude that midway through the movie, that the plot twist was highly unexpected. The movie is relate-able, warm and nostalgic.
  • I bought a new planner from Staples and felt gipped. How can a 40 page planner cost $20.00? It’s just tree pulp and ink. I felt bamboozled by the exorbitant cost.
  • I wish Mr. Bean baby is real. If you don’t know what I am talking about, Google “Mr. Bean Baby” right now.
  • Scandal is one addictive show. I can see why Aziz Ansari loves it so much. Smart man!

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