Tambra Raye Stevenson: Featured by Academy of Nutrition &Dietetics

Recently recognized by the Academy of Nutrition& Dietetetics
Tambra Raye Stevenson was recently recognized by the Academy of Nutrition& Dietetetics

Tambra Raye Stevenson, founder of Nativsol Kitchen and friend of Faso Foods, was recently selected by the Academy of Nutrition &Dietetics for her educational outreach work in the DMV area. Her cooking classes, voice, and passion has inspired people from all parts of the area to not only eat healthier but to know where their food is coming from.

At the St. Teresa of Avila parish, notable nutrition experts, friends, and supporters not only  convened to learn more about healthy eating but to also support Stevenson for a filming on nutrition done by the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics.

Moriba's hibiscus tea was featured in today's cooking demo
Moriba’s hibiscus tea was featured in today’s cooking demo

No matter how many NativSol kitchen classes I attend, I always learn something new.  Here’s what I learned at her recent educational cooking session.

1.) If you want to cut back on eating white potatoes turn to Kasava. A vegetable rich in fiber and a great substitute for potatoes.

2.) Did you know that tamarind can be eaten in the raw? Yes, it can! I tried it for the first time and loved how sweet, chewy and delicious it was. Just watch out for the seeds.

3.) Breaking bread is most important since growing, harvest and eating food is a family experience. Community is medicine and a great way to bring the family together while eating healthy is to eat healthier greens, nuts, fruit and fish.

4.) Want to make a fresh and easy smoothie at home? Use your blender and blend watermelon, blood orange soda, freshly squeezed lemon and mint together! Voila!

5.) Low energy people eat low energy food. Think about the food people eat at fast food restaurants, how they feel after their meal.

6.) Want to enhance your complexion? Eat more okra!  Egyptian queens ate okra for radiant skin. It’s a beauty food!

Jovonni Spinner,  and Doquanna Harrison
Jovonni Spinner, and Daquanna Harrison

Daquanna Harrison and Jovonni Spinner, well-known baker from Brown Sugar Bakery, gave me wonderful tips on growing my own mint garden. Here’s what these two lovely ladies had to say:

Mint Gardening Tips

1.) Mint is easy to grow, you can grow it anywhere. Make sure your mint garden gets watered every day.

2.) Mint plants tend to be invasive so you need to grow them in containers.

3.) Growing mint seeds from scratch can be tough. Buy mint seedlings or a small mint plant first.

4.) Keep the top of the plant trimmed to ensure proper growth.

Lastly, Stevenson’s documentary will air in October! Stay tuned for http://www.SherrynDaniel.com for more updates!

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