Brown Sugar Bakery: D.C’s Best Kept “Sweet” Secret

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If you live in the D.C area then you are probably familiar with Georgetown Cupcakes, Cakelove, and Hello Cupcake– but I bet you have probably never heard of Brown Sugar Bakery(BSB). Only people in the “know” have been fortunate enough to experience their delicious cupcake and truffle line.

This new business is owned and operated by Ms. Jovonni Spinner and she is also the head baker. Her business has been operating for over 4 years, but Ms. Spinner has been baking all her life. A native of Lynchburg, Virginia, Ms. Spinner is a third generation baker, learning the intricacies of her craft from her mother and grandmother. Ms. Spinner’s baked goods, offers that “down South” flavor and is in high demand.

Courtesy of Jovonni Spinner
Red Velvet Truffles Courtesy of Jovonni Spinner

In fact, Ms. Spinner’s cupcakes, cakes, truffles and pound-cakes are made with true Southern love. It’s so good you can taste it and you will leave with that “down south” feeling of comfort!
However, Ms. Spinner is no stranger to the DMV’s food network. Just recently, she participated in the Sweet Life Sugar Tour in Virginia and has numerous private customers and can even ship your order right to your door. Brown Sugar Bakery is highly sought after! Did you know that BSB also sponsors local events?

Most recently, BSB sponsored an event during Congressional Black Caucus weekend. The International Couture Presentation hosted a “A Night of Global Fashion” held in the heart of Georgetown. Brown Sugar Bakery was the ONLY company to have food items in the gift bags for the attendees. Ms. Spinner is interested in participating and sponsoring other events throughout the city- contact her today if interested in taking your event to the next level of grandeur.

Cookies & Cream picture Courtesy of Jovonni Spinner
Cookies & Cream picture Courtesy of Jovonni Spinner

In her spare time, Ms. Spinner, experiments with unique food items that add flare and enhance her traditional southern desserts making each dessert unique. For a romantic feel she can add Lavender extract to her cakes and she has begun making Rose flavored cupcakes which are popular in the Indian culture.

Ms. Spinner uses the finest ingredients and only real ingredients such as sugar, milk, eggs, and butter. Everything is baked fresh in small batches. There are NO preservatives and NO strange chemicals like in some other popular food items. Diabetics and other weight conscious individuals can order sugar-free or low-calorie desserts. Ms. Spinner wants you to experience a full-flavored dessert without blowing your daily caloric intake. Her luxury baked goods are customized to the individual For example, instead of the traditional cream cheese frosting on a Red Velvet Cake, customers can choose chocolate or any other flavor icing. Her whole array of delectables are always sold at an affordable rate. She makes sure the customer gets exactly what they want!

What I heart most about this company is that they typically have flavors of the month that match the season and/or Holiday. There are fantastic “Sweet Parties”/Tasting Parties, which can be paired with wines, tea or coffee and/or other refreshments all across the area. Brown Sugar Bakery is unique in that it’s sociable, fun and infused with good times and southern charm!

Last night as Ms. Spinner and I gabbed about good food while indulging ourselves in delicious Brown Sugary Bakery treats, it was clearly evident that everything was baked fresh, full of flavor, and made with only the best ingredients. It also felt good to know that Brown Sugar Bakery is a “Green” company using recyclable boxes, materials and processes to minimize waste and damage to the environment.

Baked Food Review

Red Velvet Truffles: It may look like a cake pop but it sure doesn’t taste like one. The dark chocolate shell is velvety, rich and decadent. The smooth red, cake inside is moist, evenly sweet with a kick. Brown Sugary Bakery truffles are the perfect indulgence for any brunch, party or get-together. If you have a significant other, get him/her these rare truffles with a dozen roses. Making truffles is like an art, requiring an intense amount of time and preparation. Anyone receiving these will know just how much you care. I also love these truffles because they are very appealing to the eye with the dark chocolate outer layer and the crimson red -hue of the red velvet cake mixture on the inside. Each bite was a “WOW” moment that I want to repeat, over and over again! YUM! So, their slogan “Bite, Chew, Think, Repeat” definitely sums up my experience.

Red Velvet Cupcake: MY FAVORITE! Brown Sugar Bakery is known for their Red Velvet cakes and I can see why. This is the best Red Velvet Cupcake I ever had in my entire life and this is coming from someone who HATES Red Velvet Cake! The taste is sweet, but not overpowering and the frosting tastes like candy. The cream cheese frosting didn’t have an overpowering aftertaste either – it was light and airy. This cupcake is the best Red Velvet Cupcake – I promise you that! Ms. Spinner has hooked a permanent customer (ME) with this cupcake.

Do you want to try The Best Red Velvet Cupcake? Then order your baked goods from Brown Sugar Bakery right now!

Brown Sugar Bakery

# 240-696-8289 

Website, marketing, and branding was done by Ms. Brittney Spinner from B. Spinner Designs.
Interested in getting quality branding for your company? Contact Jovonni Spinner about B. Spinner Designs and schedule a consultation today.

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