Wu Tang Clan at Living Social: Not Worth the Cost

I was front row for Wu Tang Clan
I was front row for Wu Tang Clan (Pictured: Inspectah Deck, Method Man, and Redman)

Remember the time the Wu Tang Clan cancelled Rock the Bells? It wasn’t that long ago when that catastrophe  occurred, so I hope you still remember it! I was miffed by the news! I wanted to see that halogram of Old Dirty Bastard (Ghost of ODB) but D.C hipsters didn’t want to waste their unearned cash on quality music. Totally not surprised by that happening.

I was frazzled, ofcourse, by the news, but I didn’t lose hope. There was that Living Social deal where D.C denizens could party with some Wu-members but as you can glean from the title, the deal was moot.  General admission was $99, and for that price, we were suppose to see Wu Members perform an hour-long-set.

Living Social sign to help Killer Bees ( Wu fans) go to the concert.
Living Social sign to help Killer Bees (Wu fans) go to the concert.

Instead, we waited for 2+ hours until three members of the clan came on stage. Though I was fortunate enough to be situated in the front row (albeit, I was physically assaulted by a tall, square- faced- man with short red hair), Inspector Deck, Method Man and Red Man (NOT a Wu Tang Clan Member) only performed for 15 minutes then went back to eating pizza with their Wu Mamis.

I dressed like a Killer Bee that night.
I dressed like a Killer Bee that night.

I wasn’t the only one who wanted a refund that night—everyone else did too! Throughout my entire Wu-experience, fans were jeering, booing and yelling at the Wu Tang Clan for making everyone wait 2 hours for a 15 minute experience. In fact, the square- faced- man who gave me grief, threw a full cup of whiskey at me and this BBW Gen-Xer. He was so angry at the Wu Tang Clan that he decided to give me a whiskey soaked bath? UGH! That was my Mindy Lahiri moment of the night ( Watch The Mindy Project to get my reference).

The only silver lining that I had that night was Method Man grabbing my entire arm (instead of my hand, like with the other fans) and giving me that special moment: amidst an uproarious crowd trying to maul me. I guess it was worth getting physically assaulted by that gigantic, square-faced-man, creature from plaid-wearing hell?

I found Waldo the other day...
I found Waldo the other day…

Introspective Thoughts of the Week

  • Forty more pages and I finish reading Black Swan. What a dense yet circuitous read!
  • Tune into Sherryn Daniel’s Blog for an exclusive interview with Dan Nainan, an acclaimed comedian known for his “clean humor.”
  • Grannies ( In Baltimore) makes delicious croissant french toast and addictive sweet tea. What a wonderful brunch experience!
  • Stella Notte (Ellicot City) has addictive cheesy garlic bread but I am not a fan of the service. Watch out for the lady with the Kate Gosselin hair cut!
  • I downloaded the new I-phone IOUS 7 software on my phone and I am not impressed with these new changes. I can see why Apple misses Steve Jobs..
  • This is a weird fact but did you know that rats eat mice? The term is called “Murcide” and this often happens when rats are starving. Baltimore rats are well fed so I doubt this would be an issue for the B-more region.


      1. That’s absolutely ridiculous….they probably lost more from their lack of customer service, even if they pocketed all the money. Was the event put together through LivingSocial though (I didn’t know they had their own events) or did they just provide the discount for it? Either way, your post has me re-thinking buying from their site!

      2. This event was planned and implemented through Living Social. Not all of Living Social’s events are this bad but many are run on a shoe-string budget. I guess, before you make a purchase, just call them up and ask pertinent questions about whatever it is you want to buy from them.

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