St. Louis Cardinals vs.Boston Redsocks: Who Are You Rooting (Eating) For?

Washington Post picture courtesy of Thomas Boswell
Washington Post picture courtesy of Thomas Boswell

It’s Day 2 of the World Series and the Boston Red Sox are already leading with 8 points, while the St.Louis Cardinals are dismayed with only scoring 1 point. Mike Matheny, Cardinals Manager, told major news outlets like USA Today, that the team received a “wake-up call” from their major loss. I can safely assume that day 1’s struggles will serve as a  impetus for the team to play harder than before.

Whether you are a diehard Redsox fan or a hardcore Cardinals fan, hope is not lost since the World Series is not over yet:There are two more pivotal games before a winner emerges. Will it be the Boston RedSox, a team that hasn’t lost a world series game in 27 years? Or will it be the St. Louis Cardinals, a team that has won eleven world series championships?

I know that when I watch day 2 of this epic game, that I will be making these two dishes that not only commemorate where each team is from but it’s also delicious, easy-to-make, and fun to share with guests.

Boston Redsox Fans
I’m sure when you think of Boston, you automatically think of worldly clam chowder, heart-wrenching Boston cream pies, and Italian food. But did you know that Boston is also famous for fried clams?


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