MetroCooking D.C Show: Highlights and Unique Tastes

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Did you know that D.C is a major hub for foodie hot spots? Did you also know that prominent food brands, celebrities, and blogging personalities convene at the MetroCooking & Entertainment show in D.C once a year? Well, now you know! The Metro Cooking & Entertainment show  is nationally renown as two-day food lovers event featuring cooking demos, tastings, appearances by Food Network celebrities.

I was fortunate enough to attend both days and sample haute-cuisine from prominent companies such as: Capitol City Mambo Sauce, Faso Foods, Island Treasures Gourmet, Lilly’s Gourmet Maple Butter, and Leyla’s Foods. Ready for my review?


  • Watched an interesting interview on chef Rocky Fino on his new book called “A Guy’s Guide to Cooking.”
  • Saw a profound cooking demo on the Food Lion Cooking Stage for delish’ beef dishes. Yum, red-meat-heaven!
  • Had a wonderful time at the Holiday Bazaar part of the show and was tempted to buy this cubic zirconia fake amethyst ring.


food show collage

  • Faso Foods:  This exhibit had delicious Belgian chocolate sauces from Grashoff, and delightful teas and juices from Moriba. Foodies flocked to Faso Food’s all inclusive chocolate flight experience. Bon-vivants sampled Brazilian chili chocolate, Pistachio, Blood Orange, Capuccino, Coconut Rum, and Macademia Nut Chocolate spreads. My favorite sauce, which is the pistachio sauce, had this bitter almond taste at the end that worked well with my Oterbein chocolate chip cookies. So addictive! I highly recommend these sauces for functions, parties, and for self-indulgence, of course!
  • Gustus Vitae: The newest trend to hit the DMV are flavored salts! Gustus Vitae is a well known purveyor of unique artisan sea salts ranging from: Rosemary, Red Wine, Red Cayenne, and Garlic Pepper. My personal favorite was the truffle salt since it made my cucumber pack a flavorful punch.  Gustus Vitae salts stood out at the show—in a very good way, of course! It was the one location where foodies came to spice up their foods and match convivial dialogue with its owner. Fun times!
  • Lilly’s Gourmet Maple ButterAll I have to say is wow, just wow. I’ve never seen (or tried) maple butter sauce before but it tasted like maple syrup candy—but only better. I regret not purchasing a few jars of this delicious sauce for the holiday season, but will definitely buy some online. Imagine your toast, bread and muffins, smeared with  creamy, decadent maple candy-ish sauce.It sounds like heaven, doesn’t it?
  • Founding Farmers:   One of my favorite (it’s like EVERYONE’s favorite brunch spot) restuaurants has a cook book that already came out in late October. “The Founding Farmer’s Cook Book” has compiled 100 favorite recipes that include the ever popular: Frisco Burger, Skillet Cornbread, and their signature carrot cake. I am definitely going to purchase this book the next time I eat brunch at Founding Farmers (which will be in two weeks, since I need to celebrate the end of classes with close gal pals). Click here to learn more about this book.
  • Leyla’s Foods: So my favorite coffee sauce company had an amazing sampling of their renown sauce. I highly recommend using this sauce in your milk, early in the morning, as a quick pick me up. It also makes a great meat marinade and makes the best holiday present this season.  As a matter of fact, Leyla’s Foods was recently featured in the October edition of Bethesda Magazine! Please check them out!
  • Island Treasures Gourmet: Normally, when I go to food fairs, I always see a rum cake table offering up a variegated display of unique rumcakes ranging from chocolate to even pineapple.  I don’t usually find coconut flavored rumcakes at food shows but, luckily for me, I found Island Treasures Gourmet. They had coconut rumcake samples that tasted like tropical happiness and  after noshing on a few of those samples (don’t judge me for gluttony, no one is perfect), I knew I found the perfect rum cake catered to my taste buds. Island Treasures Gourmet’s rum cakes is another find I highly recommend you get for your loved one this holiday season. In fact, instead of giving away fruit cakes for Christmas, why not give them a chocolate or even a coconut rum cake instead?


  • I met Debi Mazar (Entourage/ That’s Life/Acclaimed Actress–DUH!) and her husband Gabriele Corcos. Both are hosts of The Food Network’s newest show “Extra Virgin.” After meeting Mazar in person, what I can conclude is that she’s lovely inside and out.
  • I was in shock over the  long queue for the “Hand-picked bites from distinguished DC Chefs and Restaurants” section. Next year, I am definitely forking over $$ for that exclusive tasting.

debi mazar


    1. I guess it’s luck? I’m not exactly sure but it’s been fun meeting them here and there. Since you are a famous blogger now, I am sure you can easily meet them too 🙂

      1. Hahahaha, thanks, I feel flattered being called famous from you, but I am far from that! 😀 What are your plans for thanksgiving? I was thinking about making a tandoori turkey but I totally lost track of time. Now we will have stuffed turkey breast,and for dessert mini cheesecakes with cranberry tooping, all homemade of course…

      2. I think I may need cooking tips from you then! I am doing “Friendsgiving” this year at two of my friends homes in Virginia and in Maryland. I wish I had time to make something and hope you make a tandoori turkey in the near future, that sounds very delicious! I am hoping some grocery stores will be open tomorrow so I can pick up more items 🙂

      3. I actually have a few blogs I follow here and youtube channels I get my cooking inspirations from. There is a channel called Laura In The Kitchen and another is called Hilahcooking … they are both incredible. We made Ham with a Balsamic-Apisider-Reduction-Glaze, Stuffed Turkey Breast, Homemade Mac and Cheese, Bean and Corn Casserole, Banana Cornbread, MiniCheeseCakes with Raspberry and Chocolate Topping, Pumpkin Roll with Cream Cheese Filling… and I believe that’s it. Oh and I had a few cocktails to offer. LoL… It was great! How was your Thanksgiving?

      4. My Thanksgiving was wonderful! Both friends made organic meals that were equally nutritious and delicious! Wow, you guys are master chefs! Dinner & a movie, huh 🙂

      5. Of course haha, we ended up watching The Conjuring, since one of our friends has some spiritual activities going on in her home and had the need to watch a movie about it. I told her a horror movie based on a true story wouldn’t help, but she wanted to see it anyway. Well, there was a lot of screaming, LoL But she survived it, and since I am a spiritual person myself, I could giver her some tips about these spirits she believed were attacking her. Organic? I love organic food, it tastes so … non-chemical, lol, I tried to use as many natural ingredients as possible, too, when I cook.

      6. I like foods with all natural ingredients too! Unknown chemicals can harm your body for the long haul. I guess eating healthier can be ascribed to a cheaper version of life insurance, lol! I can pretty much watch any horror movie as long as it doesn’t deal with ghosts and demons since that scares me too much!!

      7. No The Conjuring for you, miss! 😀 I definitely agree about the health part, but at the same time I think healthy products are very expensive sometimes. It’s hard to live entirely healthy for people on a budget.

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