I Stand 4 Awareness Launch Event: Take a Stance Against the Stigma (HIV/AIDS)

rashad corey strikes again

Our favorite renaissance stylist, Rashad Corey, is back with an arsenal of fashionable prowess. Corey, who successfully spearheaded last year’s “Stomp the Runway,” a fashionable cause that raises awareness for domestic abuse, is teaming up with  close friend, and enigmatic fashion maven Shabastian Ferrington (co-founder of Trending Man) to expand awareness on a powerful topic that impacts millions of Philadelphia residents: HIV/AIDS.

“Together we have gotten a lot of attention in Philadelphia for fashion and business, but now we are embarking on the next phase of our brand by raising awareness. Prevention and education go hand-in-hand” says Ferrington, of his powerful partnership with chic fashion stylist, Rashad Corey.

“I Stand 4 Awareness Launch Event,”  sponsored by  Ferrington’s company Trending Man Online Shop— a chic and hip store at the forefront of fashion– will take place  this Sunday, December 1 from 7 PM to 10 PM at the  Status shop located at 327 South St, in Philadelphia PA. Trending Man is raising awareness on a night filled with hip music, highly sought after celebs and socialites, divine cocktails, and lavish entertainment for the purpose of ending the harsh stigma attached to the AIDS/HIV epidemic.

I Stand 4 Awareness Campaign, hosted by Philly FashionWeek creator Kevin Parker and radio powerhouse DJ Capuchino, from Power 99, will include giveaways, information and glamorous entertainment from influential denizens in Philadelphia’s entertainment, fashion and charity industries. Essentially, this event will be a hub for movers and shakers who are determined to break a stigma that has tortured, maimed, and stained the lives of so many affected by this illness.

This launch event  was inspired by the UPCOMING launch of Philadelphia’s premiere online menswear boutique,“Trending Man” and  this  Campaign “I stand 4 Awareness” is an initiative aimed to instill Philadelphia communities at large with erudite knowledge of HIV/AIDS.  Currently, more than 16,000 people live with HIV/AIDs in the city, and 1.3 million live with it in the United States. In a macro sense, approximately 34 million are also affected by this illness but what most people don’t realize is that, if you look past the statistics, someone you know or love could also be afflicted with it. 

When it comes being profoundly affected by this AIDS/HIV epidemic, this cause hits home for Shabastian Ferrington, co-founder of Trending Man.

​“I personally know people who have been affected by diseases and they never let it stand in the way of being successful,” says Ferrington.  “Our hope is to have people come out to the event, be educated and be encouraged to get tested and participate in the global epidemic of World AIDS Day.”

 Trending Man Online Store aims to increase  awareness and empower those who are affected by HIV/Aids! Their  goal is to educate Philadelphia communities that HIV/Aids is not a death sentence in 2013, and with the support of the Philadelphia’s top influential people, and top  movers and shakers in Philadelphia’s  Fashion arena, make a  bold stand for EVERYONE affected ( even families and friends who know someone with AIDS) for World Aids Day which is this Sunday, December 1,2013!
In support of National World Aids Day, in which this event naturally coincides with,  a portion of each t- shirt sale will be donated to one of Philadelphia’s most progressive organizations, Philly Fight, which supports how people in the Philadelphia area live with HIV/AIDS.

In addition, a portion of the proceeds raised this night will benefit those at Philadelphia F.I.G.H.T, an organization whose primary purpose is to educate and change the perception of HIV/AIDS. In fact, #Istand4Awareness  was created to inspire, educate and encourage people to be more accepting of people who are afflicted with HIV/AIDS. Aside from attending this notable event, use this hashtag whenever you Tweet, post a Facebook update or even add a pin on Pinterest. Be a part of a great cause, one hash tag at a time!

Be a part of the party! This event will not only leave an indelible impression on Philly’s social night scene but this is your opportunity to rub elbows with hip, beautiful and coutoure-clad folks with a strong eye for fashion!

For More Information

“I Stand 4 Awareness,” held at Status Shop, is the first of an ongoing campaign to raise awareness for diseases and illnesses that exist and are marginalized in lower income communities.  The#IStand4Awareness campaign is a initiative that seeks to educate Philadelphia  communities at large with the knowledge and awareness of HIV/AIDS.

For more information on TrendingMan and the #IstandForAwareness Campaign visit: http://www.TrendingMan.com


  1. Very interesting, I wish we could attend, especially since my hubby is a fashion designer. My book is actually about HIV/AIDS. It evolves around a free clinic and its patients. It is drama,comedy and love.

    1. I wish I could attend too since it’s a wonderful charity and the fashion designers behind it are very talented! I think it’s great you are writing a book about HIV/AIDS since this issue needs more awareness. Are you getting it published?

      1. Well, most agents are only looking at full scripts, so I don;t know… I am not familiar at how much success I could have by self publishing. But I definitely want to get it out there.

      2. I think after you write it, edit it like 10 times, and send it out. It’s all about taking that chance! The author of “Harry Potter” was rejected a hundred times until one publisher gave her a chance. I get the impression that whatever you set your mind to, you do it. I mean, look at how successful your website is.So you have the motivation to make anything possible 🙂

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