Shiri Appleby Answered My Question On Having a Psychology Degree

Courtesy of
Courtesy of

A few months back, and, had a fan-oriented contest that allowed 10 lucky fans to ask Shiri Appleby a question about her career/ or life. Initially, I didn’t put much stake behind it since I’ve entered contests like this before and have sorely lost.

In addendum to my past losses, I didn’t think I would get lucky a third time around. What I mean by lucky is to have some semblance of an encounter with an actor/ actress/writer from “Roswell”. I was lucky the first time around in 2012 when I landed a highly coveted interview with Roswell High author Melinda Metz, and was doubly lucky the second time around when I snagged an exclusive phone interview with Brendan Fehr (Michael Gueren) over his newest role in the film Roswell F.M.

I wasn’t, so to speak, holding my breath for Shiri Appleby (Liz Parker) to have any sort of interaction with this lowly (but ever so lucky) fan.  Nevertheless, I checked back on’s  website and lo and behold, I found out that she answered 10/110 fan-inspired questions from around the world. Great, I was competing with the entire world to have a web 2.0 encounter with Liz Parker! After parsing through fan-selected questions, I noticed one question was a bit too familiar to me.

When I reread the question and glanced towards my left-hand side and noticed that Shiri actually answered MY question, my mouth was agape, eyes were agog, and emotions catapulted high in the sky. Shiri wrote full responses and based on reading it, it felt like she and I were face-to-face, talking candidly about her college experiences. I was also sure that I am the only person in the world named Sherryn who hearts Shiri Appleby so I doubt that I have a name-doppleganger who actually asked MY question.

Let’s just say that I was very lucky the third time around! If there is such a thing as a fourth time around, would Jason Behr(Max Evans) want to be interviewed for my website? Hmmm, you never know!


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