What is a Meta Strategy? A Step by Step Analysis by Matt Dillingham

matt dillingham strategy

After reading this title, i’m more than 100 percent sure you are wondering what the heck is a meta-strategy? If you think it’s an SAT word then you are dead wrong!

It’s always good to question what you read and to innately think “WTF” when you first hear of a”Meta-Strategy.”

Quite simply, a meta-strategy is a plan centered on the way you go about  your  own planning. In short, you are basically starting out with the end goal in mind, and must list every possible resource and major course of action that helps execute your current plan.  What’s great about a “Meta-Strategy” is that you can implement it into ANY business plan.

Many of you are asking: How is this even possible?

Well, I’m glad you asked this question! Keep in mind the prior explanation of a “Meta-Strategy” and adjust that concept into this cogent break down what it is, how to use it, and why it’s important.  For all overachievers out there, check out this  full version here if you  really want to kick butt in 2014.

4 Parts to a Successful Meta-Strategy Plan

  1.  Do you know your intention? What’s your ultimate goal at the end of your project? What do you want to accomplish?  You MUST start with the end in mind, and have it CLEARLY defined.
  2. Make sure you  list  resource you currently have. If you think you have nil, guess again! Don’t underestimate your resources since we’re sure this  list is longer than you think.  If you want examples on what resources are, here ya go: Ability to work on your project one hour a day,  having a burning desire for  personal/ or professional achievement, outsourcing, etc. So, the bigger question is: What resources do YOU have?
  3. Keep track of a  list of resource you do not have access to YET.  You use this list to compare and contrast with what you already have and use it as a motivational tool to strive for more. By keeping a track of resources you don’t have, you also  achieve your ultimate goal 10 times faster since you are intrinsically motivated to get what you don’t have. Your list of resources will augment as you implement actionable steps from your plans. The  unconscious recesses of your mind  will able you in accomplishing this task, so don’t stress about the hard stuff. Your body knows your more than you think it does.
  4. Write down  major parts from your  strategy and also jot down actionable steps you can use NOW that fall under major parts from your overall strategy. Start implementing what you can in order to achieve your ultimate goal!

And there you have it! See, wasn’t that easy to grasp? Again, if you want a more  detailed explanation  over how you can apply this concept today, click here and start off 2014 on a kick-ass note!

If you want to learn more strategies (other than Meta Strategies) and also want to  improve your life, than visit: www.beamarketingbadass.com

Love ya!

Matt Dillingham

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