Christmas in New York: An Epicureans Retreat

The Dean and Deluca in New York has some rare commodities..
The Dean and Deluca in New York has some rare commodities..

Whenever I watch Christmas chick flicks, I think of New York City since that’s where most of these Lifetime movies are based in. Though I didn’t have time to watch many Christmas chick flicks, I did have a Christmas-ish adventure in New York City last weekend. I guess you can call it a food adventure since I did more eating than anything else. Now, before I went into a food-coma, I did have a tumultuous time coming to New York City.

Had a delicious veggie sandwich with authentic horchata from Barraca (Soho, NYC)
Had a delicious veggie sandwich with authentic horchata from Barraca (Soho, NYC)

The  ride to New York was somewhat cringe-worthy since my bf and I had to wait 35 extra minutes, in the blistering cold, for the Megabus to arrive. Even afterwards, we were stuck in south Brooklyn and had a hard time hailing a cab. When we arrived in the Ramada Inn (In Staten Island), we had the worst service imaginable and were placed in the smokiest room available. Lets just say that was the worst Friday the 13th experience (in New York, mind you) we ever had.

I think you know what this is..
I think you know what this is..

Though our Ramada Inn experience in Staten Island was a pain in the side, we did have a memorable time in New York. In fact, here’s a brief listing on what we did this weekend.

Christmas in New York

  • Had a delicious  tour of Crepini  in Brooklyn and ended up tasting these delicious sweet and savory crepes. My personal favorite was the stewed cabbage crepes and am crossing my fingers that will be sold in D.C stores someday!
  • Feasted on veggies sandwiches and crisp horchata at Barraca, in West Village. I can see what this place has 4.5 stars out of 5. All ingredients come from Spain and everything is prepared quickly.
  • Saw “No Man of Her Own” starring Barbara Stanwyck at NYC’s Film Forum (An Independent Film house) after I feasted on goodies from Barraca. I was overjoyed when I watched the entire movie without sleeping but found it painfully annoying when Stanwyck cried every 5 minutes. The movie audience was full of people young at heart who couldn’t hear much. Several audience members (well past the baby boomer age) whined, in a cacophonous yet relic way, “Where’s the sound.”
  • Did you know that Guy Fieri has a restaurant in Time Square? Guy’s American Kitchen and Bar had decent food but I wasn’t impressed with their macaroni and cheese. It was too cheesy and lacked enough substance for me. Maybe next time I should order one of his acclaimed  BBQ dishes.
  • New York had a nasty blizzard last Sunday that tore into my ears, froze apart my face, and blew my hair to a frenzy. Because of this nasty storm, I was craving some hot chocolate from Godiva. After walking 10 blocks to our nearest Godiva store, we almost collapsed inside due to the blizzard, our luggage, and our own sluggishness. This particular hot chocolate was worth it since it quenched our thirst and heated our chilled bones.
  • Dean and Deluca in SoHo was foodie heaven for me. I sampled so many artisanal cheeses that the cheese lady demanded I pay for a pound of the Gouda. Instead of cheese, I did buy decadent chocolates, and lavender macaroons that satiated my sweet tooth.
  • In the span of two days, we took a ferry, cab, car, bus, and metro all around the city. Only in New York, huh!
  • When my bf and I were at Guy’s American Kitchen and Bar, we were eavesdropping on this elderly woman, who was draped in jewels, furs, and all of the above, and her granddaughter’s conversation on where to go next—Keep in mind that my bf and I had no idea what to do that day.  The elderly posh woman demanded they visit FAO Schwartz or else their trip to NYC was a complete bust! So, we took out our smartphones and jotted this place down. It was totally worth the walk since we saw life-sized plush lions, unique gadgets, and The Muppets.

Statue of Liberty Introspective Thoughts of the Weeks

  • If you miss the show “Roswell,” I highly recommend you watch “Being Human (U.K).” This show is about a trio of supernatural creatures (a vampire, ghost and werewolf) who deal with fantastical (yet mundane) events in their lives. It’s really addictive, even when you get into season 4.
  • Nine more days until Christmas and I need to buy gifts, send cards, bake cookies, and plan an ugly sweater party. I know I have a lot of festivities on my plate but I wouldn’t have it any other way 🙂
  • I wanted to create a fashion website but I realize that most women my age have already done it. I look at their weekly ensembles, fashion tips and posts on their daily lives and can ascertain that I need to employ more photoshop tricks to hide my imperfections. I am more than positive they use Photoshop since there is no way they look this perfect in each picture. It’s photo magic baby!
  • I recently learned that outlet malls only sell junk. Meaning that those Michael Kors belts, Coach purses, and J.Crew tops from Arundel Mills Mall is made with cheap, synthetic fibers that will break apart at first wash. So all of those long lines I saw at Coach on black Friday is all for naught since people are squandering money in frilly messes.
  • Oasis, can you please get back together! “Dig Your Soul Out” was such a great album and I feel that you guys can make an even greater album than this one.

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