2014: Another Year, Another Party

I helped plan an "ugly" sweater party and didn't participate---rebel with a cause <3
I helped plan an “ugly” sweater party and didn’t participate—rebel with a cause ❤

Dear Readers,

I’m sorry I wasn’t able to write on here consistently. The holidays buckled me down into a crazy schedule that didn’t really permit any “me” time. Forgive me?



I’m really glad the holidays are over! December, to me, was teeming up with having to create gift baskets from scratch, arranging deluxe cookie tins, and with writing Christmas cards. Moreover, I also helped plan a Christmas Party that included a naughty but nice gift exchange, canned food drive, and an ugly sweater contest.

What I contributed most to the party was decorating, fried chicken, and overall bossiness. I wanted to give the party an air of vintage class so I roamed different thrift stores across the area for glass and crystal figurines. My favorite decor item was this antique gin bottle which we used to fill up with spiked eggnog. The fried chicken we had at the party was Roy Rogers since Popeyes tastes disgusting and KFC has too much of a doughy exterior. And finally, everyone at the party gabbed forever and (rudely) ignored the main host when she made an announcement.

He wore a Versace sweater---definite winner!
He wore a Versace sweater—definite winner!

At 5 ft 1, I stood on the tallest chair and screamed enough expletives to silence a boisterous room full of 30+ millennial men (yeah, I mainly have guy friends). As small of a contribution as this sounds, it did help manage the crowd and get more people to participate in activities.

Weirdly enough, we did have some uninvited guests who stole two bottles of wine and stole back their “naughty” gift. Hmmm, I can see why some guests were not invited (Grinches are all year round y’all).

Even though i’m glad the holidays are over, what I do love most about this time is catching up with people I care about. Just being near people who you love most is what makes all of these innocuous tasks of writing cards, and creating cookie tins so much more bearable.

I was going for a Kerry Washington hairstyle but think I bombed it.
I was going for a Kerry Washington hairstyle but think I bombed it.

In addition, I wanted to ring in 2014 with style and panache this year. So, instead of going to a “Brightest Young Things” NYE event this year, I decided to try “Pros in the City.” What I can honestly say about both companies is that “Pros in the City” has a better, more tolerable crowd than “Brightest Young Things.” On the other hand, what “Brightest Young Things” lacks in having a decent crowd, they do have a better venue with more enriching activities.

My New Years was pretty good, I bought this cute black dress from Macy’s and received a Coach wrist-let and pearl earrings for Christmas from the bf.  I celebrated the new year with good friends and had a memorable time at the Capitol Hilton.

I know that making New Years resolutions is a fruitless endeavor (and I pity anyone who even tries to make them). I read an article recently from Forbes that smart entrepreneurs make systems instead of resolutions.

This concept actually makes sense since creating a task that will help you achieve a goal is more plausible than making a wish. I really hope that more of you create systems this year and learn to eschew those empty goals.

Happy Holidays from me to you!


Introspective Thoughts of the Week

  • MIA’s newest album “Matangi” is really good. It’s quite similar to her first album and she seems to have actually put more effort behind her vocals this time around. Great job Maya!
  • Snow is overrated (except when it comes to skiing–YAY).
  • So I accomplished a goal from college recently. Do you know what it is? I recently became Nanny Magazine’s web editor!
  • www.Crashdown.com (Official website for Roswell fans) loved the travel guide I wrote so much that they selected it to be an Evergreen article under “Cool Stuff &Exclusives.” I guess this solidified my nerd status on the internet.
  • Original Pink Power Ranger Amy Jo Johnson (YES, THE AMY JO JOHNSON) added two articles I wrote about her films “Bent” and “Lines” into her website. I guess you can say that I ended 2013 on an unbelievably high note.
  • Done with “Love in the Time of Cholera.” I may need to amp up my reading and start digging into Dostoevsky’s greatest works!


  1. Thriftstore and KFC, love it!! Congrats on the Nanny Magazine and the Feature article! 😀 Great start for the New Year!! Been really busy, too, lately. I will catch up with you soon, dear!! M.I.A.’s album is great, I agree, it took me back to her early work from 2004.

    1. Hey Simon!! I am so glad you like my views on KFC (yuck) and Thrifting (Yay). How has your new year been?? We must catch up soon!! My thoughts exactly on MIA’s newest album! We must chat soon :)!!

      1. I personally prefer Popeye’s, thank god we don’t have one around here, I would be sitting there every day and gain weight by the minute 😀 New Year’s was in a local bar surrounded by a bunch of people we didn’t know and cheap alcohol, thank god I pre- drank with quality alcohol and didn’t have to get more than one drink from that place to cheer into the new year. hahaha. It was definitely surreal, I would have never seen myself celebrating anything in Southern Illinois. I am looking forward to this year!! I talk to you soon, dear friend!

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