Public Relations–An International Short Film: Poignant, Profound, and Real

Manan Singh Katohora is a renown, award-winning, film maker in the D.C area.  His previous film, 9 Eleven, brought in rave reviews for its creativity, vision, and credence. He’s also known in the area as the man behind the desi social scene and is able to throw the best parties in the area. An invite to one of his events is a guarantee for a memorable night.

In addition, as a big fan of his films and of his events, it’s no surprise that his newest short film “Public Relations: An International Short Film” won me over.  The story starts off in Washington D.C, with a stereotypical big-wig spouting off hate speech while his ignored daughter tries to change his mind. A tragedy strikes, and both father and daughter are lying aimlessly on the floor, with pools of blood gushing from odd-ends.

Healing, awareness, and emotional growth are  reached in  a smart climax by the end of the film. I watched it twice because the message resonated with me. I tend to be very picky with films I like and I highly taut this film as commendable and worth watching–thrice over.

Katohora’s vision will stick with you and leave an indelible print in your mind. Please watch “Public Relations: An International Short Film” right here

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