When a Woman is “Anne Hathaway Nice”

Anne Hathaway won an award for being Anne Hathaway
Anne Hathaway won an award for being Anne Hathaway

Ever since Anne Hathaway was in “The Princess Diaries” I was a lukewarm fan of hers. Never a huge fan, but always a half-hearted one. She’s a great actress, no matter what. But her off-screen persona is very off-putting and way too reminiscent of the kind of woman other women passionately hate.

If you guessed successful, beautiful and confident than you are wrong. Many of us like the fact that she’s all three and then some. Anne Hathaway is mechanically nice and robot-like–And women like her are the reason why other women say “I just don’t like other women.”

Women, like Anne Hathaway, worry so much about what others say or think about them. They dress in cookie cutter clothes, say overly trite sentiments and feign the “right” reaction at any given moment. Nothing is genuine. Nothing is honest. Everything is mechanical. Like a robot. Like Anne Hathaway.


I don’t think other women should really hate Anne Hathaway though. Hollywood is a very, very competitive playing field and she has to wear this shield to stay afloat. Maybe, in another lifetime, she was a sweet, candid, real girl but Hollywood must have scarred her into being a fake woman.

Think about it this way, remember that one girl in elementary, middle, and high school who smiled all the time and was very nice to your face. But as soon as you turned around, she made the nastiest remarks about you behind your back? This same girl was also teacher’s pet and heavily involved in school-related endeavors. You knew she was saying heinous things but you can’t do anything about it, she’s just so Anne Hathaway nice. She can do no wrong what so ever. Everything she says and does is well rehearsed and perfect.

Luckily for me, I never had a school experience like this but all women have dealt with women who were “Anne Hathaway nice.” I hate it when women think all women are like Anne Hathaway though. There are real, funny and quirky women out there who are nothing like that A-list robot. Albeit, they aren’t easy to find but you can always spot them based on their warm spirit and natural aversion to conforming to a gaggle of Anne Hathaway clones.


Women who mirror Anne Hathaway’s frigid, controlled, fake, persona ARE the same women who keep other women from breaking the glass ceiling. Maybe we would’ve had a crack at success if the Anne Hathaways of the world learned to break out of their “Ice Queen” persona and learned to care about other women. Remember Anne Hathaway’s crocodile tears at the Oscars a few years ago? She planned her tears, planned her emotions and faked humility just to get social acceptance.

As I said before, I think Anne Hathaway needs to create a shield since Hollywood can be cruel. Anne compromised her soul for a statue named Oscar. But women who are “Anne Hathaway Nice” have toxic traits that can poison your life if you let them too close. Our social activities, our men, our relationships and even our jobs can combust into irrevocable flames when you bring them into your world.

I know after this post gets published, REAL Anne Hathaway-esque women will shred this entry to pieces. Nitpicking my grammar, evidence, and even my website’s existence just to feel affirmation for being mechanically nice.

Go ahead.

I’m more of a Mindy Lahiri- type any way and can handle a swarm of you.


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