The Truth About Snobs


Women who chase after social power are guilty of this. And men who are driven to have power are also guilty of this.

Snobbery. It’s when someone (any race, gender, religion, political group, and class) looks down on you for cursory reasons. We’ve all dealt with putdowns–that range from minor to catastrophically huge–from richly dressed sheep who intend to efface our mood.

High-end bars, restaurants, and social arenas are crawling with these strange creatures. One may falsely assume that’s how the rich behave, but boy, are you wrong.

Manners and treating EVERYONE with kindness is a sign of class. If you don’t believe me, read a book on etiquette. Rich and confident people are kind, empathetic, and understanding.

Snobs, on the other hand, may not understand their role in society. People with an inferiority complex–ranging from intelligence, looks, social standing, and family–are often the ones playing passive-aggressive Russian Roulette with your day.

A confident person is kind to everyone, and you can always feel the warmth emanate from his or her countenance. Whether he or she is homeless or a major CEO of a Fortune 500 company, a rich person in mind, body, and spirit bestows this act on everyone.

Therefore, if your neighbor trumps you with her new Audi, or if your coworker makes you feel bad for not being able to buy that new Michael Kors purse, remember to smile. These people are fighting internal demons with themselves and are trying their hardest to instigate you.

Have you recently interacted with a snob? How did you handle that altercation? Sound off!


  1. How did you come up with this topic? I have been living in a college town for the past 2+ years, and I stayed away from snobs. Most of the people I associated with went to thrift stores and redid the clothes, edited and cut, which made me actually feel like a snob since I couldn’t imagine doing it, mainly because I don’t see any thing that attracts me in a store that is just stuffed with thousands of items. I mean I didn’t look down on them, it actually fascinated and impressed me what they were capable of finding and doing with these clothes. So, that’s that… I don’t think I can ever be or surround myself with snobs… not my world, not my thing.

    1. Hey Simon,

      I wrote this beautiful response to your comment but lost it. 😦

      Snobs are everywhere, pretty much. But I wanted my readers to know that an insecure person treats others poorly. A confident person sees worth in others and treats them with the utmost respect.

      I am also impressed that you can take garments from a thrift store and revamp them. It takes serious skill to do that; and I really like how you live life on your own terms. You, my friend, are a confident man. I am so glad to have a confident, creative friend like you 🙂

      – Sherryn

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