A Bucket list of Healthy (ish) Food by Eve Sims



Eve Sims is a prolific online writer. She has contributed articles to various health-oriented online magazines. In fact, she wrote an note-worthy article on the health benefits behind seaweed for Sherryn Daniel’s blog in 2012. 

Everybody is familiar with the concept of a ‘bucket list’.  Some of you might have even crossed off a few activities you always wanted to try, or maybe you are saving for a visit to that exotic country you always dreamed of exploring – but how many of you have made a bucket list of foods that you really should try before you shuffle off this mortal coil? Ok, not everyone is a self confessed ‘foodie’ but you don’t really need to be that ‘into’ food in order to try out different tastes and culinary experiences. It’s a cultural thing – a way to explore other cultures and customs whilst (hopefully) enjoying an entirely new taste sensation – and the best part is, some of these incredible recipes are American. Plus, there can be a spiritual side to cooking and eating (see My Cultural Weekend: Kraftwerk, Deepak Chopra and Moroccan Food). Food is the essence of life and it is essential that we experience as much of life as possible. This post will look at some of the best traditional and tantalizing foods out there – the kinds you really should consider adding to your bucket list and consuming as soon as possible.

Real Authentic Ramen Noodles – Low Fat and Filling 

All students have a steady supply of packet ramen noodles to get them through tough times – but how many have actually tried real, authentic, Japanese ramen noodles? In America, ramen noodles are viewed as a pretty basic, boring, bland snack – carbohydrate heavy and usually requiring plenty of sauces in order to make them edible. Homemade ramen noodles are a different story entirely, tasting delectably light and surprisingly low in fat. This traditional Japanese ramen recipe can take forever to make – but it is so worth it.  Just keep in mind that this dish can be high in sodium which should be monitored – current guidelines issued by the Centre for Disease Prevention and Control suggest that the average person should consume no more than 2300 mg of sodium each day.

Perfect Homemade French Fries – Better for you than McDonalds

You might already make French fries at home, or you might have a preferred type you already pick up at the grocery store. Perfect homemade French fries are…different. They are a taste explosion – made from the very best potatoes, using the best oil and seasoned with the finest sea salt.  It is certainly worth the extra effort to make this delicious ‘traditional’ American dish – but be careful not to indulge too often. Fit Day advises that one tiny cup sized portion of French fries is worth approximately 154 calories – so it would be too easy to eat 1000 calories worth in one sitting. Definitely a one off treat on duvet days or one to have before a visit to the gym.

Marmite – Love it or Hate it it’s Good for Your Health

Marmite is an amazing food made from yeast extract. In America, many people shy away from this strong tasting black gloop – but the truth is, they are missing out on a fabulous condiment – and a nutritional powerhouse. Not only is this food suitable for vegetarians and free from gluten, it is chock full of vitamins and is particularly rich in Folic Acid. The US department of Health and Human Services recommends that all pregnant women supplement their diet with at least 400 micrograms of folic acid per day – and using Marmite in conjunction with a suitable vitamin pill is one way to achieve this target. Marmite has also been used as a tool to quickly boost essential minerals and vitamins in those suffering from eating disorders and the Telegraph have reported that Marmite is a natural superfood – able to ward off superbugs – apparently.

Delicious Seaweed – Eat Your Way to Good Health

Seaweed is a gorgeous palatable delight – if cooked correctly. It is a frequent addition to the menu in Chinese restaurants but is actually a great dish for detoxifying and kick starting a healthy living program. The tastiest way to eat seaweed is by marinating it in a little olive oil mixed with lemon – and the calorie content is so low, it doesn’t matter if you eat more than your fair share. Seaweed helps the body detoxify by flushing toxins from the body and using natural fiber to create a kind of ‘intestinal toothbrush’ – thereby helping to clean out our systems in one fell swoop. Seaweed is also an awesome tool for those trying to kick bad habits and is frequently implemented in good treatment programs similar to those described by Treatment4Addiction.com, the purpose of which is to boost health, nutrition and clear out a system overloaded with toxins. A simple way to detox at home is by adding seaweed to soups and salads – both healthy foods which in themselves provide a natural boost to well being. A healthy diet is exceptionally important all the time but never more so than when trying to quit addictions. In fact, seaweed has been linked with cancer remission making it a true superfood and proving that there has never been a better time to try this wonderful natural bucket list food, whether you want to detox or simply want to try something new.

Croque Monsier – NOT just a cheese toastie

When made in the manner of traditional French cuisine, croque monsieur is one of the finest tasting sandwiches and will quickly leave you wanting more. One of the most authentic recipes for this delicious dish can be found via the Guardian (surprisingly enough) – and those who have eaten authentic croque monsieur in the foothills of Montmarte will confirm that this recipe is one of the best. It’s important to use the correct type of cheese, bread and ham – and the method by which this sandwich is cooked is also integral to the success of your dish. Get it right and you will be able to wow friends and family with your culinary expertise. Get it wrong and your loved ones will wonder why you invited them over for a cheese and ham sandwich. Although not a traditionally healthy food, croque monsieur is still a must have for an occasional treat which we all need from time to time.

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