Three Months of Forgetting Can’t Stop Five Years of Blogging

The golden rule of blogging is not to stop. But then again, I’ve broken countless of these rules over the years so maybe this precept shouldn’t apply to me? For example, a proper blogger is suppose to post a well edited entry once a week, have colorful media placed (like videos or photos), and focus on one topic of interest.

An unconventional blogger (moi) prefers to post sporadically, occasionally post images, and prefers to focus on several areas of interest. Life’s too short to have a one track mind after all.

Ironically enough, today marks my blog’s fifth year anniversary. Sherryn Daniel’s Blog has been around since October 6, 2009 and, coincidentally, October 6th of this year also marks the 15th anniversary of Roswell’s premier on The WB.

I think it was fate that I came back from  hiatus to pen this entry because I have some great news to share: I am back!

Anniversary Picture

Three months of forgetting can’t stop five years of blogging. It just can’t. 

Once a blogger, always a blogger. Right? From July to now, I have been pretty busy with travels, gigs, and events. Don’t believe me? Here’s an account of my busy-ness.

  • Chopped Off My Long Locks: This was quite painful to do since I have been growing out my long locks since 2010. I will premier the new do in a future entry.
  • ATX Festival in Austin Texas: As I said before, there was no way I would miss the Roswell panel. I also had a silly encounter with Snooki too–she was definitely not pleased with me.
  • Panama: I vacationed like a rock star in a beautiful country in Latin America.
  • Wisconsin: Ate some cheese, saw some cows, and walked around a half-empty city.
  • Minnesota: The Mall of America has a wide range of characters. I did my best people watching there. Too bad I forgot to take pictures.
  • Fashion Week: Stevie Boi had an AWESOME show in New York this year! I also totally love the glasses I bought from him too.
  • New York: MoMa made me appreciate art more than before.

So I plan on keeping you all up to date on the past three months of my life and, I assure you, some funny stuff happened in between then and there. My anniversary gift to you will be articles on: Fashion Week, Travels, New York, ATX Festival & AN EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH AMY JO JOHNSON (Original Pink Power Ranger). October 6 is also Amy Jo Johnson’s birthday!

Everyone should tweet her HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Tune in October 20th for my awesome gab-fest with one of our greatest childhood icons! You’re Welcome!


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