2015 Is The Year Of Kept Resolutions (From Years Past)

New Years Systems
Decided to color coordinate my shiny Christmas shirt with my cell phone. If you’re not color blind, you will also notice that my lips and tomato juice drink match too.

It’s way past New Years Day (and even Christmas Day, forgive me?) so this talk about resolutions may not seem very relevant. Relevant or not, you can really make resolutions anytime of the year if you think about it. Resolutions are really goals and wishes you want to accomplish within the year.

If you write out your resolutions in a small notebook, and keep track of any changes made then you can actually accomplish at least half of what’s on your list. I may not have accomplished every single resolution from last year but I know I made a concerted effort to accomplish the following from previous years:

  • Redesigned Best of Baltimore Blog’s website AND bought out the domain name. Let’s just say that this acclaimed publication which has featured interviews from Kel Mitchell, Mo Collins, Brendan Fehr, Amy Jo Johnson, Carl Anthony Payne, and slew of other notable personalities—- has a shiny outfit.
  • Learned How to Video Blog. For years, friends, family and acquaintances have been trying to get me into this medium. I often refused because I was unsure if I can edit my footage for mistakes on cheap to free software. When I met Kel Mitchell (everyone’s favorite Nickelodeon figure) in the flesh, I knew this magical moment had to be filmed for Best of Baltimore Blog. Nervous as I was, I did an orange soda skit with Kel. If you look up “Sherryn + Kel” you will be able to find the vNanny Magazineideo on the first page of Google. Because of this feat, I was inspired to film my close guy friends freestyle rap at a local Korean BBQ joint up in College Park, Maryland. Check out the rap session right here.
  • Wrote a cover story on a famous actress, as an editor, for a premier print publication. Nanny Magazine is going to publish their January print issue in a week or so. My feature story on Amy Jo Johnson and her new movie “The Space Between” is mentioned prominently on the cover. I’ve written for print and online publications before but never wrote a prominent cover story, officially, as an editor. Check out the new issue in a few weeks here.
  • Editor & Writer for Crashdown.com. I was fortunate enough to go to this year’s ATX festival and found a way to see the Roswell Reunion inspite of the fact that tickets were extremely hard to come by for it. Thanks to luck, fate, or even Destiny (Roswell reference, geek-chortle), I met someone that I have always wanted to meet for four years: the lovely lady behind Crashdown.com. We’ve chatted on and off for years, and I even wrote a Travel Guide to Roswell, NM for the website. Meeting her, in the flesh, was a personal highlight of mine. She manages the official (official to real fans) Roswell website. Fans from all over the world go to the website for updates and to interact with other fans. I’ve known about the website since seventh grade and have secretly wanted to help write and edit for the website s
    Sherryn New Years
    Began the year in a Donna Ricco dress I found for $6.00 at a delicious thrift store. Looking cute on a budget is so much fun!

    ince then. I guess 2014 is the year that my inner child gets what she wants since I was able to help edit articles for half the year.

  • Web Editor for Nanny MagazineEven since my undergraduate days, I always wanted to be an editor for a thriving print publication. I even have my bachelors in Journalism because of that. Not everyone gets to become a journalist (let alone an editor) after they graduate college but I was fortunate enough to accomplish that last year. I made the final cut to become a web editor for Nanny Magazine and loved every minute of it. I’ve written articles, managed bios, and formatted articles for the web–as a Web Editor! Sometimes when you least expect it, your previous dreams reach fruition in later years.

There you have it. Here are resolutions from New Year’s past that were accomplished within 2014. I already jotted down a hefty list of resolutions  that I hope to accomplish this year (or even light years into the future). Hope this inspires many of you to make resolutions and to try to keep them for the future.

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