Luke’s Wings: Annual Hollywood Glamour Live

Fashion week 2015 339 Late February, I had this wonderful opportunity to support Luke’s Wings, a non profit organization dedicated to the support of service members who have been wounded in battle, by attending the Annual Hollywood Glamour Live event held at the exclusive L2 Lounge in Georgetown.

Fashion week 2015 359

What most people should know about Luke’s Wings is that this organization goes above and beyond. They recognise the immediate need for families to be with loved ones and provide families with the means to visit during the service member’s hospitalization and rehabilitation. Check out Luke’s Wing’s website  to see how you can helped wounded heroes and veterans.

Anyway, the weather was quite dreadful that day but my uber driver fought the ice roads and brought my friends and I infront of this exclusive club, that only shown two milky colored doors, and a bouncer. No sign in sight, I might add.

Fashion week 2015 351

Half the people at the event looked like Hollywood stars. They were all decked in suits, glittery dresses with plunged backlines, drinking some Hollywood-themed martini while watching the Academy Award show on multiple projector screens. Fashion week 2015 356

As soon as my friend and I walked in we both witnessed an amazing moment in history. Patricia Arquette won an award for Boyhood and told the world her thoughts on women’s equality. All eyes were glued to the screen and a rumble of cheers vibrated across the room. I was upset that Ethan Hawke lost (yet again) but Arquette’s speech made up for it, ten fold.

Fashion week 2015 313

What I loved most about this event was that there was an actual red carpet for everyone to stand and take pictures on.  My friends and I struck multiple poses and even had a few professional photographers snap shots of our impromptu modeling session. Another facet that I love about this event was that Art Soiree, one of my favorite organizations, was a big part of the festivities.

Part of the proceeds benefits Art Soiree’s local artists and helps funds and showcases 100s of annual exhibitions. As an ardent art lover, I was happy that my ticket (along with everyone elses) supports the arts. Check out Art Soiree’s website to see how you can support the arts.


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