Road Trip Experiences: 49 States Done, One More To Go

South Dakota, Montana and Michigan
South Dakota, Montana and Michigan

Wanderlust affects Millenials hard. Don’t believe me? Go on Buzzfeed (Millenial verbal snack food) and read some of those posts, several relate back to road trips, foreign travel and even back to the Peace Corps.

As an atypical Millenial, I’ve been hit with the travel bug since I was 19. At that age, I studied English literature and Theatre abroad in England. Naturally, I gravitated towards visiting Shakespeare’s birth home, eating scones during tea time, and visited Stonehenge like a boss. If you don’t know me well, then let me elaborate why I naturally gravitated to those aforementioned spots. For starters, I like to write so, duh, Shakespeare. Second, i’m a gourmet fiend. Third, i’m an inquisitive person so, why not Stonehenge?

Anyways, from then on,  I wanted to see more of the world. So I started with taking road trips across the U.S the following year and as the years rolled by, I was able to cross off each state off my bucket list. At this time in my life, I can safely declare that I have visited 49 states. Hawaii, which is the last state I have not visited, was saved last on my list. I’ve already been to the Virgin Islands, Barbados, St. Lucia, St. Marten and other tropical islands so i’m not completely itching to go just yet.

This Summer, I pulled an almost impossible feat. I went to 14 states in 8 days, and didn’t break a sweat. I used all modes of transportation available (plane, train, bus, car, and on foot) to get this done in time. In many ways, I felt like Lewis & Clark in that I was discovering uncharted territory and grew a passionate love for nature and wildlife. I even drove 200+ miles via the Lewis & Clark trail to get to renown spots.

Nature is boundless in Iowa

Each state holds a dear spot in my heart especially South Dakota. If you ever decide to take a road trip across the U.S, I highly recommend going to Mount Rushmore. It was a breath taking sight to see four great Presidents etched on stone. Not only that, 100 miles before you get there, you will guffaw for Wall Drug signs. Each mile has a unique sign that poorly sells you on why you should visit this deathly tourist trap. After two hours of driving, it’s hard not to fall for this trap since curiosity can get the best of any road tripper.

Those signs don’t lie.You do get free ice cold water and donuts at Wall Drug. You also get unique photo opportunities too such as taking silly pictures by a million foot green dinosaur and by a Jackalope (not a real animal, by the way). This stop was just one of many wonderful attractions I visited across the U.S.A. When it comes to going on a roadtrip, it’s imperative to make an itinerary.

Each day I created one that covered unique locales with hidden treasures. The U.S is a beautiful country to visit and each state has something unique to bring. It’s highly recommended to plan ahead, or you will waste money on gas, confusion, and more confusion.

For those who don’t see any credence, joy or merit with taking a road trip across the U.S (don’t lie, there are many of you out there) I agree that international travel is fun, memorable, and a unique experience but when you travel to states like Iowa, Montana, and Alaska you see inimitable wonders such as elk naturally grazing in front of one’s home, mountains as high as the sky, and magpies that screech like a tropical monkey.

Only at Yellowstone..
Only at Yellowstone..

Have you traveled across the U.S? Or better yet, have you  traveled, period? Comment below any advice you have!

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