Stevie Boi’s CÄBIN Triumphs at NYFW 2016

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Isis King, prominent model and contestant from America’s Next Top Model, is adorned in a black, furry, cloak and struts her stuff in skin-tight leather pants fastened stylishly with a steel-like belt. Stevie Boi unveils a modern yet cozy feel for his new line this year. Photographer: Chardae Bazemore

Stevie Boi owned Fashion Week this year. Period. No ifs’, ands’, or buts’ about it.

Who knew that happy memories being a boyscout could ignite such a fresh take on street- meets -childhood-nostalgia wear?   Stevie Boi’s first unisex line, CÄBIN, slays, and makes wearing drab colors such as brown, green, and beige, striking.

Not only that, he also makes woodsy-modern ensembles both compelling and wearable for day-to-day life.  CÄBIN, his Fall/ Winter 2016 collection debuted February 13 at 450 Studio in  Mid-town Manhattan, New York to a vibrant crowd of 300 fashionistas, bloggers, celebrities, and press.

Stevie Boi’s 2016 Fall and Winter line was welcomed with open arms by a bustling crowd.  Notable guests such as Whoopi Goldberg, Candace Cameron Burre, and EJ Johnson were seated in the front. Photographer: Chardae Bazemore

At the show, the crowd was enamored by the stunning models, sultry catwalks, and how delicious each and every outfit was.  Stevie Boi  not only has a strong eye for eye-wear but is truly a purveyor on what makes an outfit work for you on a daily basis. I can attest that fashionistas  everywhere were enamored by his vibrant choices for fitted pants, delicious shoes, and sultry shirts. I witnessed, first hand, how their eyes were asking for more.

I really like the fresh take on this dress. It’s a balanced dress hugged with an asymmetrical chain belt,and the light gray sweater drapes the dress perfectly well. On the neckline, the military fusion (why Cabin is Cabin) is accented with the worn, green, chest plate.  The camo glasses kicks the outfit up a notch and adds an enticing depth to the overall ensemble.  Photographer: Chardae Bazemore

This year, I brought my best friend/model/ notable photographer Chardae Bazemore to the show. She came all the way from Dallas, Texas to take these breath-taking shots of all of these models wearing Stevie Boi’s camo-flavored vision. As you can see below, we’re like kids in a candy shop. We reveled in how fun and easy to wear Stevie Boi’s shades are. Based on the ample selection of shades, I can truly envision how Lady Gaga, Beyonce,  and Elton John felt when wore these glasses out to a Hollywood gathering.

Here’s Chardae and I paying homage to A-listers by wearing some of Stevie Boi’s sparkly shades.

Aside from delivering strong in the fashion world (and for going on a stellar tour encompassing 30 countries and states, Stevie Boi is a mover and shaker in multiple realms of the art world. His CÄBIN show is highly acclaimed for featuring six transgender models from Slay Model Management and for opening up more conversation on trans rights. He is also in the midst of filming several projects.

Stevie Boi has a role in an upcoming action film called Protocal 734 and is in works on starring in a new reality show titled Stevie Takes Vegas for the Oxygen Channel. Everyone’s favorite movie star AND  The View host, Whoopi Goldberg (loved her since I was six -years -old when she was a singing nun on “Sister Act”) is an executive producer for the show.

Stevie Boi has interwoven this outfit with a wonderful usage of warm colors. The slouchy, red, infinity scarf is a great touch to this outfit. What was also both unique and nostalgic about the scarf are the seashells dotted throughout it.It was definitely head turning.  In addition, the  tan jacket highlights the model’s presence with it’s cape-like hood, and its overflowing sleeves. Lastly, the loose white shirt, and comfort-fitted jeans provided a modern silhouette to this style.

On a personal note, I was totally star-struck when I saw Whoopi Goldberg. Ever since I was a kid, I always loved her in Sister Act and in The Lion King. Her presence was deeply felt by everyone in the room since she (just like Stevie Boi) are down-to-earth and kind to everyone.

Dreams do come true! Here I am with Whoopi Goldberg wearing a dual-colored dress (Andrew Marc Jacob) paired with a mesh black and white sweater (Ann Taylor). Goldberg is an executive producer on Stevie Boi’s newest show Stevie Takes Vegas coming to the Oxygen Channel. Photographer: Chardae Bazemore

Although Stevie Boi is globally famous, has created 900 shades that are other-worldly and futuristic, and has left an indelible impression in the fashion world—he’s within reach. Stevie Boi is also famous for offering up candid business advice for fans and for his personalized engagement online. I don’t know any other star who does this but he’s the only one I know of who does.

If you live in the city and want to own it–wear this outfit! The long, rimmed, black hat elongates the open neck shirt short sleeved shirt. The cross zippers along the sleeves add a new perspective to t-shirt design and the long, strip, of fabric along the neckline is comfortably parallel to the shades. This outfit adds a youthful, warm-weathered style for Cabin’s Fall/Winter 2016 line. Since the weather is bouncing around freezing to cool weather, it’s the perfect outfit. Photographer: Chardae Bazemore

If  you want to learn more from this rock star fashion guru and also want to glam up your closet with his coveted selection of shades, luggage, shirts and pants, contact/ tweet/follow him below!

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