Biz Markie unfriended me on Facebook

The Day Biz Markie Unfriended Me


Longtime followers of my blog know that I have had a unique fascination with beatboxing, hip hop clown Biz Markie since 2009. I don’t know why, but I always felt so sorry for him whenever I heard the song “Just a friend” play on my I-phone. Over the years, I blogged about why he and I should be besties and, in fact, that inspired him to “poke me” on Facebook for a year or two. His actions prompted me to buy $$$ cooking and beatboxing classes from him on Living Social’s now defunct website.

I thought he and I were on okay terms–atleast. From 2009 to 2014, I would like his Facebook statuses, laud him for being Biz Markie, and praise him on my own Facebook page.  I shared his statuses, blogged about his greatness, and did what I could to spread the word about his talents.. But, alas, that’s not enough to keep this friendship alive.


From 2014 to now, I have been quite busy with my own pursuits and talents. I guess I didn’t give him enough Facebook love? Or maybe he read my previous blog posts about him and got annoyed with my fascination with him? Whatever the case may be, I found out last Thursday, painfully, that he unfriended me. I oft-times wondered why Biz Markie stopped popping up on my newsfeed and after I searched for his profile, I learned why.

Biz Markie unfriended me on Facebook. My heart was smashed to sharp, oblong, pieces. A wave of emotion crashed into my soul, and threw its limbs over some dangerous currents. My head throbbed, eyes watered, and chest felt sharp pangs of regret. Why, Biz? Why me? What did I do to deserve such hate? How can one, devoted, fan, such as myself, deserve such HATE.

In the social media age much of our social interactions, and our feelings towards one another, can be interpreted through Facebook friendships. Likes, shares, comments, and even old-fashioned pokes communicate good vibes. When someone you know unfriends you on Facebook, that can be interpreted as this person having a negative reaction towards you. In the click of a button, they are letting you know, passively, they loathe you. For I don’t know what reason?

I, personally, don’t care too much if a friend or an acquantance unfriends me. I often chalk up that action to the fact that our paths don’t cross anymore or we both outgrew each other. But, Biz Markie unfriending me on Facebook is a giant slap to the face. How can one C-list star have so much angst towards a devoted fan? Did I really affect his life that much that he seeks to click the “unfriend” button on me?

You know you hit a new low in life when Biz Markie, of all people, “unfriends” you on Facebook.



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