District Holiday Gala– Whimsy Fun with a Good Cause

Photo taken by Mark Soriano of PixOfDC

I had the privilege of attending this year’s District Holiday Gala held at Blind Whino, art gallery, dressed in a Free People dress, thrift store boots, and a meteorite necklace from Roswell, New Mexico. I normally don’t name drop what I wear but this event was uber fancy so I kinda felt the need to. Although I wasn’t in gala-attire, the night reflected my unique outfit and inner spirit.

So the eclectic modern art comprised of, for example, a squeezed out Budweiser beer bottle painting, candy-colored geisha girl portrait, and Lisa Frank inspired kittens frolicking in the cotton candy sky landscape —  juxtaposed with a cognac tasting area; an aerial acrobatic artist bending in circles; an array of gourmet accouterments you can only find a 5 star restaurants,  and a  paper machete sculpture of Old Dirty Bastard from the Wu Tang Clan, brought out my whimsical side.

. Not only that but what I love most about this unique gala is that  100% of all proceeds benefit Horton’s Kids, a community based non profit in Washington DC that empowers at-risk children in grades K through 12 and prepares them for college, career, and life. It’s not everyday a gala supports a charity, 100 percent of the way. But this gala does.

Photo taken by Mark Soriano of PixOfDC

This gala was one-of-a-kind. I can go on about how this gala was unique but you really needed to see it to believe it. From my eye witness account,  apparently, there was a roving, inflatable dinosaur hovering the dance floor; a large, but sprawling cherry tree made from pink tissue paper; a paper machete santa (with a vengeance) by the DJ corner; a random dude dressed as Santa Clause dancing like it was 1999, and some of the most best dressed folks in D.C representing all major industries. I almost felt like I was dreaming, especially when I was inside the pink-tinted dance floor.

Around 400 party-goers saw what I saw–probably drank the same 20 year, $100.00, Remy Martin cognac I had.

Picture taken by Mark Soriano of PixOfDC

This was the first time I ever drank cognac, and I was fortunate enough to have the best of the best at THE best gala in Washington D.C. I think  I was way too lucky this year. Remy Martin makes insanely good cognac. I had the 1738, and I do appreciate the cognac’s smooth taste, with the sharp conclusion at the end.

Photo taken by Mark Soriano from PixOfDC

Along with drinking some fine cognac, I ate delicious treats, fyi. The meatballs, cocktail shrimp, cucumbers with salmon, and beyond impressed me. I shouldn’t be too surprised considering  that Yelp, Whistelpig, Think Food Group by José Andrés, Georgetown cupcake, and many others contributed to my gastronomical experience.

Photo by Mark Soriano from PixOfDC

After stuffing my face, I was enamored by the pink room. I have never seen a room get completely pink like that. The night would’ve been more perfect if the DJ played songs by Pink all night but, then again, the mash-up of 90’s hip hop with trippy christmas music actually made up for the lack of Pink songs playing that night. I laughed so hard when I heard the DJ spinning a track of DMX singing Rudolph the Red nosed reindeer. I didn’t even know that was real.

I definitely want to make District Gala a yearly thing for me. There’s too many amazing moments, experiences, and sensations rolled up into one night.

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