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I am pleased to introduce Sharing the Details (formerly Sherryn Daniel’s Blog), a comprehensive Gala and red carpet blog that provides the true sparkle with the D.C philanthropic and glamour scene. Sherryn Daniel’s blog has had a strong 9 year run from its humble beginnings with celebrity interviews in 2009 until recently when I decided to add some needed magic to this lively, pulsing, publication.

Washington D.C is famous for their galas, cocktails, embassy parties and red carpet events. What differentiates this publication from many others is that what we write is chock full of delicious detail written by the lady next door for the girl who dreams big.

As a young girl, I always dreamed about covering charity events and dreamed about bridging the gap between glam and goodwill charitable promotion for the every day person. Through Sharing the Details, I hope to achieve this dream and, at the same time,  feed D.C denizens Michelin star styled rhetorical morsels of the inner-workings of the gala world so you too can dream big.  In short: You don’t have to be born a socialite to live it up!

Live life like a princess even if you weren’t born as one: Wear that burgundy Zoe Rachel gown paired with gold earrings, and a coiffed bun. Dab some SmashBox foundation with Tarte eyeliner, and Marc Jacobs mascara in the lady’s bathroom before the general public even notices. Enter the Ritz Carlton without feeling self conscience and take that selfie with the Executive Director of the American Heart Association (AHA) at the non profit’s most exclusive gala.

Eat that filet mignon, pair it with a 2012 French Bordeaux wine and glance over the trip to France prize at AHA’s silent auction from the far right of the bar. As you can read this sample, I am more than happy to share the sparkle, the dazzle, the glitz and the glam.  So welcome to Sharing the Details, a premier D.C publication that digs deep into the gala, red carpet and fashion world of our beloved district.
Finally, I want to thank all of my loyal readers (from day 1) who are ready to take this luxurious trip with me to the next gala. I wouldn’t be where I am if it wasn’t for each of you reading, sharing, and supporting my work. I love you all so much!


Sherryn Daniel

Editor in Chief

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