Best of Baltimore

salsa collage


Best of Baltimore Blog is a premier online magazine that showcases what our favorite celebrities are doing now.I was fortunate enough to have snagged interviews with Walter Emanuel Jones (Original Black Power Ranger, seen above), Brendan Fehr (Roswell), Mo Collins (Mad Tv), as well as countless others. Instead of just posting hyperlinks, I am going to highlight popular interviews that readers love! Enjoy!

Hung out with Kel Mitchell (Good Burger/Kenan & Kel)

Kel Mitchell


   Exclusive Interview with Stevie Boi on his new X2SEA Line for NYFW

Stevie Boi

 Exclusive Interview with Mo Collins (MADtv) on her Art work


mo collins

 Exclusive Interview with Brad Roberts from  “Crashed Test Dummies”

mo collins

Exclusive Interview with White Town

white town

Exclusive Interview with Carl Anthony Payne

carl anthony payne

Exclusive Interview with Amy Jo Johnson (Original Pink Power Ranger)

carl anthony payne

 Exclusive Interview with Walter Emanuel Jones (Original Black Power Ranger)

black power ranger

Exclusive Interview with Brendan Fehr

black power ranger Exclusive Interview with Robert L. Hines

 toby jones

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