Faso Foods

Carson from Mix 107.3 was at Rodman’s the other day and fell in love with Grashoff’s coconut rum spread. He was running late to his show and bought the spread before he left. It’s hard not to be addicted to this yummy spread.

In a nutshell, my good friend Briana Booker, founder of online magazine Fromgirltogirl.com, wrote a wonderful article about Faso Foods contributions to society. It basically describes the essence of the company and how they truly create enriching jobs.

Here is an excerpt:

“Faso Foods works with partners and supports companies that produce and sell gourmet and specialty products through traditional and non-traditional channels.

They import, distribute, market and place high quality and wholesome products from producers around the globe, providing a sustainable and economic stimulus to farmers and food manufacturers in Africa, India, Europe and other parts of the world.

Faso Foods represents a range of natural and delicious commodity goods such as grains, nuts and cocoa as well as packaged goods such as chocolate spreads, juices, sauces and snacks that fall in line with the demands of the sophisticated American specialty food consumer.
Get your passport of flavours today to get a taste of the world by checking out  FasoFoods.com !
To learn about  the Founder of Faso Foods, Losseni Kone, click here .” Read the rest of the article here.
Bailley from D.C 101 and Kruz from Hot 99.5 LOVE Grashoff Chocolate spreads. They came to the Bethesda Cork and Fork and bought a few jars.
As you can glean from this page, plenty of D.C/Maryland and Virginia celebrities love this brand.
It’s no secret that its touched the lives of many people. Even the French Embassy, located near Georgetown in Washington D.C, used our spreads in their yummy crepes for the Georgetown French festival.
Sherryn part 5
After sampling 23 of Grashoff Chocolate spreads different flavors, I vowed to quit cheap, generic chocolate spreads easily found in massive grocery stores for the rest of  my life. I rather have something scrumptious in a reasonable jar than something lackluster in a large one.
 I even savor Nutfield Macadamia nuts, and often quench my thirst with Moriba hibiscus tea. It’s a great way to get your daily antioxidants and to alleviate your day-to-day tribulations.
Want to buy the product in person, and even engage in lively conversation with our lovely demo entrepreneurs?  Find Faso Food products at these fine retailers: Great Harvest, Westside Market NYC, Garden of Eden, Patissiere Poupon, Zeds Cafe, Zabars, Harlem Flor, Cork & Fork, and  Rodman*s.
Want to read more about Faso Foods and on how to use these addictive Grashoff Chocolate spreads?
Read the articles below!
Faso Foods carries gourmet items from Grashoff’s, Nutfields, Moriba and Sita. If you like haute-cuisine and consider yourself a bon vivant, than check out our website here. You can even follow us on Twitter: @Fasofoods

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